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    read latency via snmp question

    chris chupela Newbie
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      Looking at the variables exposed in the Nimble MIB, I see that there are counters for a range of timeframes with respect to latency, i.e. number of reads with latency between 0u and 100u, between 100u and 200u, and so forth. Also there is the IOReadTimeMicroSec which is a cumulative value.


      I'm looking for a way to determine via snmp the approximate read time latency would be via snmp, so it can be graphed in an snmp monitoring tool.  Since the IOReads and IOReadTimeMicroSec are cumulative, would something like


      (   IOReads value 2 - IOReads Value 1  )  /  (ReadTimeMicrosec value 2 - ReadTimeMicrosec value1 )


      give me an accurate representation?