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Vmware 6.5 and VVOL managed snapshot protection

Question asked by Arik G on Dec 4, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by Nick Dyer


We been running for some time nimble arrays without any issues and with overall success using standard datastores.

we got two FC nimble arrays with datastore snapshots policy and replication policy between both (most of them are none vm aware, just storage snapshots)


currently we are looking into moving to VVOLS as we relly want to consolidate protection with vsphere management , we already tested it with VSPHERE 6.5 and it seems working, but as it is new technology we are looking into all possible drawbacks so first of all does anyone can comment for reasons staying on luns vs moving o vvols ?


  • what i figured for now the limit is for 1000 vvol that is about 250 vms, does the count include all the replciated offline vms from the partner array?
  • if we lose vcenter appliance and for some reason dont have the option to restore do we also lose the access to vvols? what will be the route for getting them back? it seem much more difficult than advertising vmfs luns.
  • instead of investing into veeam 9.5 and managing file level restore from vmfs storage snapshots is there any better way doing it so directly from vmware?when we tested the vmware storage policy there were only options in policy to set array based snapshots and replication, we want it to be se as vmware snapshots is there any way?


as there is not much info for nimble and vvol integration except the basic setup and etc.. i would really appriciate if someone who tried it can comment.