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Firmware 3.x Initiator Group creation using the vCenter plugin

Question asked by Rick van Vliet on Nov 18, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2016 by mblumberg

I noticed that since firmware 3.x when creating a volume using the vCenter plugin something changed with the initiator groups usage.


In the previous firmware when I would create a volume and selected a cluster in the vCenter plugin then the volume would be added to a initiator group that matched the cluster or a new initiator group would be created for this cluster.

This is really nice in case a host is moved to a different cluster, as you only have to edit one initiator group and all volumes in that group would be accessible or inaccessible).


In firmware 3.x I noticed that when creating a new volume a new initiator "group" is created for each individual host in that cluster (even when a initiator group that matching this cluster exists).

This means that one volume is now added to in this case 9 "initiator groups" instead of a single one.

If I now move a host to a different cluster I have to remove this "initiator group" from all volumes and add it to the volumes in the other cluster.

This is a really time consuming business.


I spoke to support and this is by design to match the workflow with iSCSI and FC arrays, but for me this is a real setback leaving me with lots extra work.


Are any of you experiencing the same?

I would like to see the previous workflow back in place or at least a possibility to choose how one would like the workflow to be.

I would also like to know how others think about this?