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    Is there a better way to update NCM?

    Brian Fish Newbie
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      Hi folks,


      I'm going through each of our vmware hosts manually to update the NCM on them.  We have 8 hosts total which is manageable, but how would you do it at a larger scale?  Or even at my scale, is there any way to save any time doing this?  Currently I'm just SSHing into each host and using the Online install command, but I'd like to imagine there is a more efficient way to get through them... any thoughts?

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          Hi Brian,


          You can use VMware Update Manager to install and upgrade NCM on ESXi hosts. VUM manages the orchestration per host / cluster.


          You just need to download NCM and upload the package to VUM (or add the Nimble repository as a download source in VUM), and from there you can create a baseline or add NCM into an existing baseline, and then attach that baseline to hosts or clusters.


          Cheers, Matt.

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            Joseph Kim Wayfarer

            Hello Brian and all

            We use VUM as well (VMware Update Manager), running on a simple windows machine.

            Instead of downloading/importing the package, we enter in the URL for Nimble. This way you are FUTURE-PROOF.


            Go into UPDATE MANAGER ADMINISTRATION on your vcenter.


            Click on ADD DOWNLOAD SOURCE

            Enter Source URL as http://update.nimblestorage.com/esx6/ncm/index.xml

            with Description as NIMBLESTORAGE

            Hit OK button

            Let that sync or force it to sync (your choice)

            Next, is you create a baseline, add the NIMBLESTORAGE update, and scan your ESX Hosts.  If you hosts have it it will appear green, if it does not, it will have a red mark next to it.

            Lastly you can do the remediate, (remember to limit to patch 1 at a time so that it does not take down your whole host pool). That is it.

            Regards - Joseph