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    Automatic Snapshot on Expand Volume

    Jason Wan Newbie
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      Apologies if this is a known 'feature'. I've searched forums and documentation but cannot find any reference to it (but maybe I'm not looking hard enough!).


      Nimble is relatively new to my organisation. I've been finding snapshots on various volumes and the name begins with NSs followed by volume name and a timestamp. As I was unaware of these some have grown to considerable sizes. I have since found out that they are created whenever I expand a volume. My question is, is this expected behaviour? Is there any way to turn this feature off? Are they subject to some automatic cleanup?


      Many Thanks,



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          Nick Dyer Pioneer

          Hello Jason,


          This is expected behaviour - as expanding a volume can be dangerous to certain file systems so we give you an automated recovery point in case it goes wrong. To my knowledge there's no way to disable this action.


          You can easily go in and clear these down should you not want them without causing disruption to your data. They are not subject to any automated cleanup, as again it may be a while until you notice that the data is corrupt and thus if it was automated deleted then the data may be gone by the time you try to restore it back.



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              jstinson Wayfarer

              Hey Nick,


              Is there a quicky script that will help list all these snaps and their associated volumes to assist us in cleaning them up?



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                  Julian Cates Adventurer

                  Here's a quick script to find all snapshots for a given array that are named starting with "NSs":


                  ipmo NimblePowerShellToolKit

                  $array = "myarray"

                  $cred = Get-Credential -Message "Enter Credentials for Array $array"


                  Connect-NSGroup -group $array -credential $cred

                  $results = @()

                  foreach ($volume in Get-NSVolume)


                    $snaps = Get-NSSnapshot -vol_name $volume.name

                    foreach ($snap in $snaps)


                    if ($snap.name -like "NSs*")


                    $snapvol = New-Object System.Object

                    $snapvol | Add-Member -Type NoteProperty -Name Volume -Value $volume.name

                    $snapvol | Add-Member -Type NoteProperty -Name Snapshot -Value $snap.name

                    $results += $snapvol





                  Write-Output $results | ft -AutoSize

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                Jason Wan Newbie

                Thanks for the quick response. Now that I know we will work on a plan to manage them.


                Kind regards,