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    VVols on CS-500 FC and UCS

    Stanton Cole Newbie
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      Has anyone has any luck or does anyone have any more information about vvols and UCS support?  After recently upgrading to the GA 3.x release on my Nimble arrays the one thing I was really looking forward to was vvols.  That said, we run CS-500s with UCS B200 M2 with M81KR VIC cards and mostly M3s and M4s with VIC 1240s.  Much to my dismay when I started digging into this there is no support for SLLID on the 1240 cards and the M81KR is so old that it caused issues in our UCS cluster preventing firmware to be updated.  When I research this issue there is very little current information on Cisco supporting vvols.  https://quickview.cloudapps.cisco.com/quickview/bug/CSCux64473  & https://supportforums.cisco.com/discussion/13134491/cscux64473-request-virtual-volume-support-esxi-fnic-driver


      I can't believe that this is such an unimportant feature or issue that no one cares that much or doesn't want to use it...  I am also pretty sure there is more information that is available and I am just missing it.  Nimble told me that they test with the M81KR in their labs, however, as I said, we have had multiple issues with that due to the age and lack of support for current firmware.  I just want to use vvols and have 54 blades with the majority of them running 1240 cards.  So it also isn't likely that my management is going to support buying all new VIC cards either.

      Any comments, info or enlightenment is welcome, as I am clearly not "in the know".

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          Moshe Blumberg Adventurer

          Hi Stanton, I understand the frustration here, we had multiple customers with questions around the SLLID support.

          VMware inform us in this article about the issues with SLLID, and defer to the cisco support and bug you've outlined.


          Unfortunately at this point Nimble support won't be able to assist around firmware out of dates on HBA that are not ours, saying that I will make sure that we use our links to cisco to highlight the demand which I'm sure they are aware of.