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    Infosight performance dashboard tweaks

    Ben Loveday Wayfarer
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      Hi all,


      The new Infosight dashboard changes are very slick...but does anyone know if you can change the layout?


      I have six arrays and the performance widget only shows four of them and would like to show all six :-)


      Any help would be much appreciated!




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          Nick Dyer Pioneer

          Hi Ben,


          Hear you loud and clear. The first iteration of the new Infosight Dashboard was coded to show the top four systems as a maximum.


          I've fed this back to the IS team for an RFE to change.





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            David Baril Wayfarer

            Hi There,


            It would be also useful to be able to define a filter for the Performance Dashboard to focus the information being presented.  We have several Nimbles in multiple locations.  A local administrator or super-user is usually only interested in the collection of arrays that he is working with, and would appreciate if the Dashboard would NOT present information from the other arrays, unless specifically directed.


            I am one such user ... and the Dashboard is almost useless for me since it displays in information for systems I am not interested in.  Every Infosight session starts with me searching for the arrays that I am interested in.


            Thanks for the help.


            Dave B