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Convert NTFS to VMDK

Question asked by Jeremy Anderson on Oct 28, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2016 by Chad Renstrom

I Have a 4tb array, with a 2tb lun on it. The 2tb lun is formatted NTFS and connected via ISCSI to a physical Windows server. I am retiring the physical server and introducing ESX into the environment.


I Plan on using an esx host with local storage to P2V the NTFS lun to a VMDK. I will then delete the 2tb LUN, create a 3tb LUN on the Nimble. Ill connect this LUN to a new esx server and format it with VMFS. . Finally I will storage vmotion the VMDK back onto the Nimble and the VMFS volume.


IS there any faster way of doing this ising cloning or snapshots?  Or is this the best way to do it?