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    VMware Integration

    Chris Wald Newbie
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      Hello, I recently upgraded my Nimble to software version but I am having an issue with the VMware Integration.  I enter in my vCenter server along with username and password but when it attempts to connect I get the following message. Is there a place I could increase the timeout?


      Nimble -

      Nimble Connection Manager - 3.3.0

      vCenter - 6.0.0, 3634793


      Thanks in advance,

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          Ryan Malmberg Wayfarer

          Is the Nimble array and the vCenter Server located in the same data center? You should not run into that timeout, and it is indicative of another fault. Was the vCenter previously registered? Did you attempt to check the status by entering the vCenter information and click on Test Status.

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            Chris Wald Newbie

            Yes they are in the same Data Center. The old vCenter server (Server 2008) was registered and I just recently upgraded my vCenter servers to Server 2012. Same VLAN though... With the latest software release there is no longer a 'Test Status' just 'Save' and thats when I get the message.

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                Dan Bauder Wayfarer

                Hey Chris;

                I would double check the Windows Firewall.  Either turn it off for testing, or make sure the ports are open for Nimble Connect.


                Or better yet, ditch the Windows based vCenter server and go with the Virtual Appliance. 

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                  Moshe Blumberg Adventurer

                  Hi Chris,

                  It sounds like some sort of name resolution, when the Nimble plugin communicates to the vCenter it queries the FQDN and will use that.

                  Did you try to register the VC with the IP or name?


                  If you can try the CLI, you can do the followings:


                  #vcenter --list


                  the output will give you the name of registered VC

                  vcenter --remove vcenter_name

                  just to clean things up.


                  After that, try to register it again via the GUI.

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                  Chris Wald Newbie

                  Thanks for the response, been away on vacation. I'll circle back this shortly and report back once resolved.