Need assistance with ISCSI reconfiguration on VMware vSphere 5.5

Discussion created by rhcjmo on Oct 18, 2016
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Here is the current network:

3 hosts, each with 2x1GBE links, manually setup on vsphere 5.5, to a single SAN.  The objective was to upgrade the ISCSI links to 2x10GBE links, so pNICs were installed on the hosts, vswitch created, vNICs and port groups created with the same setup as the existing connections (except the names & IPs), and then the new vNICs were bonded to the software initiator.  The old links were then un-bonded from the initiator, and all connections to the SAN dropped.  I re-scanned using the same discovery IP (same subnet), and it did find the targets in the discovered/manual target list, however when looking at the Storage Adapters page, there are no devices, no paths, no nothing.  Connections aren't there.  I went to see if I could add the datastores from Storage > Add Storage, but it doesn't detect anything (I've re-scanned everything).  I checked the Nimble, and CHAP is disabled.  What can I do to get connected on the new NICs?


EDIT: I've read some things about vmware not refreshing quickly, and I am starting to see the devices & paths now, but nics are still "Not Used" status in the initiator.  Rebooting the host now to see if that resolves things.

EDIT2: This didn't seem to resolve the issue.  Same problem.