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    What are the specific enhancements/additions/features added in NimbleOS 3.5?

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      I've noticed that the NimbleOS release notes do a poor job of calling out the specific features added by a given release of NimbleOS; I am currently running 3.4.1, but the 3.5 release notes read like release notes for the entire 3.x series of software, not specific to the 3.5 release.


      To wit, here's the header for the new features section:


      Recent Release Features

      The following new features are available in 3.x releases:


      Please consider either a callout that lists the specific enhancements added by the last few versions (along with the version in which each was added), or maybe supply a complete list of version-specific enhancements in each discrete version's release notes, in addition to the essay-length "new to 3.x" section.