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    Migrate Nimble CS300 from core switch to UCS Mini

    Logan Swank Newbie
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      Hey all,


      Config is current Nimble connected to core switch for iSCSI traffic.


      They purchased a UCS Mini with the ultimate goal of doing appliance ports and having Nimble connect there ala Smart Stack. It's already configured in two subnets between tg1 and 2.


      Any input or recommendations on migration strategies? It was proposed to just do a shutdown/re-cable and power on but I'm curious if just moving 1 side, configure on UCS, test, then do the other.


      ie. Remove tg1 from both A and B controllers, verifying 1 out of 2 lost paths on the VMware side and connect to UCS Mini. Configure the appliance ports/VLAN and should see the down path come back. Rinse and repeat for the B side.


      Since it's same VLAN on both UCS/appliance and upstream connectivity, I'll have to delete the uplink VLAN for tg1, create appliance VLAN for tg1, connect and test.