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    iSCSI connection errors during Nimble VSS snapshots

    Jon P Newbie
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      Hi All,


      I was wondering if anyone has came across the following and had any suggestions.


      We have an Exchange environment which we are snapshotting using VSS, the servers have 33 disks and when the VSS snapshot runs through it succeeds however we always get a number of iSCSI alerts. These are mainly:


      Event ID 20: Connection to the target was lost.  The initiator will attempt to retry the connection.


      But we also see

      Event ID 39: Initiator sent a task management command to reset the target.  The target name is given in the dump data.

      Event ID 9: Target did not respond in time for a SCSI request.  The CDB is given in the dump data


      I know these are due to the nature of how the snapshot is taken in that it mounts new targets and then dismounts them, so the errors don't cause any issues as such however our alerting system constantly flags them up and we'd like to stop them if possible.


      We've tried a couple of things such as increasing the value of the MaxRequestHoldTime registry setting to 300 and then 600 and also disabling Delayed ACK on the two iSCSI NICS. 


      Any help appreciated.