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How to restore/clone a vm from vvol?

Question asked by Cade Robinson on Sep 22, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by mblumberg

I am playing around with VVols and really like them so far. Too bad the max volume limit on Nimbles is so low since it will only allow me to get about half our VMs on to vvols.


I was looking at snapshots and storage policies and how to recover.


Currently with traditional VMFS data stores to recover a VM I do this:

Use the Nimble vCenter plugin to clone the data store from snapshot.

Shutdown and rename the VM in vcenter

start the VM from the cloned data store

vmotion it out

use the plugin to delete the data store and clone.


Now with VVols there is no options for the vvol data store in the plugin so can't do it that way.

snapshot manager on a vm shows no snaps

clone a vm doesn't have the snaps


I tried to clone the volume collection of the main config vvol of my vm but they then looked like normal volumes - not vvol volumes.


So the question is - how do you use nimble snapshots to restore a VM that is using vvols?