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    Al Mc. Ronald Canuel Wayfarer
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      Hi Everyone!


      Is nimble storage is advisable to use in NAS SOHO (Small office Home Office)



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          Nick Dyer Pioneer



          I probably wouldn't use Nimble for a home office solution.... although I do have a CS210 under my desk

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            jstinson Wayfarer

            Apparently all the sales engineers get a little Nimble for home to play with or to bring on sales calls. My former SE said he had to keep his off most of the time because the fans were not tuned for an office environment but rather a datacenter where sound isn't as important.


            Out of curiosity, what kind of workload do you have at home that you're wanting high power storage array for? For my home server, I just use a simple RAID set and call it a day. It's lower power, super easy to maintain/admin and way cheaper than any Nimble.