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    Questions about Vvol folders

    Francois Lepage Wayfarer
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      we just upgrades our CS300 to last OS and now I'm thinking about beginning to use folders and VVol


      here a few questions


      1. if a create a folder of 1 tb and only use 200 gb at first;will Nimbe reserved all the extra space to the folders or in real life I will be only using 200 gb of space and 800 gb of free space
      2. is it preferable to create one folder by Vm.. ( I saw the article about the best practices but Deduplication is not available for me so that's why I'm asking the question) or only one bif folder with all vm's in it
      3. in my case by having CS300 is it a big improvement to use VVol instead of traditional DataStore..I am not using in-host iSCSi initiator everything is made through vmware


      like I said it is my first contact with VVol so sorry if my questions seems too basic



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          Julian Cates Adventurer

          A folder is a logical construction.  As such, it doesn't consume space on its own.  Rather, the volumes which are contained within the folder consume space.  You can also dynamically change the size of the folder, both up and down.  A folder can be sized up to the size of the pool within which it resides. We don't reserve space in the pool when you create the folder.


          You would not want to have one folder per VM.  It's fine to have one folder for all of them. Or you may want to organize them in such a way that having several folders make sense.  Think of folders as an organizational tool.