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    Server migration-server rename with ISCSI connection to volume--possible issue.

    Rod Dusek Newbie

      I'm using Nimble connection manager within a virtual server to connect to volumes.  During a server migration, I configured 3 ISCSI volumes to the Nimble SAN via IP and IQN name.  After the migration, I renamed the server name.  Everything is working fine.  However, afterwards, I noticed that the initiator name has changed on the server with the server rename.  In my Nimble volume configuration, I configured for IQN and IP address in which the IQN is different from the actual server since the server rename.  I would think this would break the ISCSI connection, but it has not.  Should I be concerned that something might happen in the future that it will break?  I'm wondering if I should disconnect the volumes, reconfigure the Initiator name on the SAN or server, then reconnect the volumes or leave it be?  Maybe I just don't understand how ISCSI makes the connection to the volume.  Comments.  Thanks.




      SAN Initiator group configuration:

      IQN:  iqn.1991-05.com.microsoft:servername-2012r2.city.st

      IP address:


      Virtual Server Configuration:

      IQN:  iqn.1991-05.com.microsoft:servername.city.st

      IP address: