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Hello All!   Is there a way to show total volume and snapshot usage of volumes using the CLI?

Question asked by Scottie Cameron on Aug 5, 2016
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Hello All!


Is there a way to show total volume and snapshot usage of volumes using the CLI?


In the web GUI, you can go to Manage > Volumes > Space and it will give you a wonderful list of volumes, sizes, Volume Usage, Snapshot Usage and Total Usage; however, there isn't a way cleanly to pull all that data, shove it into an excel report and hand it to management. Nor could you just print the web GUI and hand it to them as it only will show 21 out of my 171 volumes at a time. I can try and copy the lines from the web GUI, 21 at a time, paste them into a text editor or Excel and try and clean them up, but this is cumbersome.


IS there an easy way to pull the same information via CLI and then be able to dump it to Excel? Something like the below, which is an example of what the collected data from the web GUI looks like after being clean up.


Volume    Size    Volume Usage    Snapshot Usage    Total Usage

BC-NIM-VMFS-TRAFFIC-C.OS-01    1.0 TB    137.7 GB    42.6 GB    180.29 GB

BC-NIM-VMFS-TRAFFIC-DB-D.DATA    256.0 GB    184.44 MB    83.47 MB    267.91 MB

BC-NIM-VMFS-TRAFFIC-S.SWAP-01    256.0 GB    982.56 MB    2.54 GB    3.5 GB

BC-NIM-VMFS-VCENTER-COS-01    1.0 TB    121.6 GB    75.75 GB    197.35 GB

BC-NIM-VMFS-VCENTER-DDATA-01    2.0 TB    271.71 GB    40.64 GB    312.35 GB

BC-NIM-VMFS-VCENTER-SSWAP-01    512.0 GB    6.56 GB    347.01 MB    6.9 GB