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    Best practice for restore and test

    John Rafter Newbie

      Is there a reference guide to testing our DR backups that are been sent to a different location.

      Nimble device A <<<<over MPLS>>>>Nimble device B(DR side).

      We have a vCenter on both sides, can we validate and test the backups?

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          Chris Aylott Adventurer



          You can do this very easily with scripting (powershell) or manually.



          - Nimble: Clone the replicated snapshots

          - Nimble: Apply ACL's to the cloned volumes

          - VMware: Rescan HBA's

          - VMware: Connect to targets

          - VMware: power on VM's !! Make sure the network is isolated.


          - VMware: Detach storage

          - Nimble: Delete clones


          Veeam 9.5 will be leveraging a lot of this functionality.


          Many thanks,