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SQL Performance Policy

Question asked by Amanda Crisp on Jul 29, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2016 by Amanda Crisp

I've been reading all I can find regarding the performance policies for SQL server.

I've had a hard time finding information specific to the data, log and tempdb performance profiles although I believe that previous versions of Nimble came with those?

Assuming in-guest iSCSI...

SQL Server 2014

Windows 2012 R2

Vsphere 5.5


Block Size

It seems that for VMWare & SQL Server on the DB and Log LUNs the NTFS block size and the Nimble block size should be 8K, but I think i can be fairly certain I can go with 64K for tempdb on both. ?


Then comes caching.

Generally speaking, you want to disable caching all the way through the stack as far as controllers, etc. go for SQL (because it is such a nutty, unpredictable beast) but of course the point of Nimble is to cache things ON the array...

Does the "cache" check box on the performance policy refer to the SAN or some intermediate point in between? 



when is it compressed? Does it affect reads?

I don't see much practical point of compressing SQL t-log files.

Perhaps tempdb shouldn't be compressed, since we aren't really storing it long-term anyway and there would be no benefit whatsoever to compressing it?