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Performance policy blocksizes - what does it do exactly?

Question asked by jayst on Jul 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2016 by rfenton

I'm reading up on best practices connecting apps to Nimble Arrays and a big topic is Performance Policies.

I try to understand the impact of the blocksize setting and what it actually does different for each value. I'm having difficulty finding documentation about the value, other than recommended values in documents like Proper Block Alignment.pdf

It's clear to me performance is impacted when blocksizes are not set optimally, but i dont know why   Traditionally back in the RAID configuration era , we've been tuning stripesizes (for full stripe writes), element sizes etc etc, then i knew why, now not so much.


So my questions:

1.) what does the array actually does different when setting blocksize to 4K instead of 16K?

2.) Does blocksize have any impact on Compression efficiency? Is a proper blocksize for the used application yield a beter compression rate?

3.) does blocksize have any impact on Dedupe efficiency for AFA models? Is a proper blocksize for the used application yield a beter dedupe rate?

4.) does it affect cache ? In what way?