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Questions about using cloned volumes for production VMware server vms

Question asked by Rob Buchanan on Jun 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2016 by Chris Satola

I've been using Win2012R2 vms based on a cloned master image nimble volume for about a year now with no problems. Since the master volume is about a year old and many MS patches have been applied to it's children since then I know I'm not saving as much space as I could if I created a fresh fully patched master image volume.

I'm pretty sure that I should not try to patch the original correct?

I think I have the following options:

1) Create a new clone master image from scratch and base new production servers off of that.


2) Clone the old master image volume from a fresh snapshot, apply the latest MS patches and then make it my new master image volume.


Should I be doing cloned images at all. I am saving about 8 GB per vm server by using them.


Thanks for your attention. I always learn something interesting when I come here.