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Best Practice for Creating Folders and VMware vvols

Question asked by Aaron Bauerly on Jun 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2016 by Aaron Bauerly

I'm looking for clarification on how best to set up folders for vvols. Based on the info in this post (and this post) on Nick's blog, I assumed the best practice would be to create folders based on de-duplication needs and then create vvols within those folders with VMware storage policies to further tune other features such as compression, caching, snapshots, and so forth. However, this video--as I understand it--suggests we could create a single folder and use storage policies within VMware to "dictate the behavior of the Nimble array when we create new vvol volumes," which would include de-duplication. The conflict I see is some documentation states that de-dupe is enabled at the folder level, while the demo video suggests that the VMware storage policies and vvol configuration control de-dupe at the volume level.


What would be the best way to set up folders and vvols while preventing unnecessary use of the de-dupe feature?