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    Mike Nuhfer Newbie

      We are looking to replicate between two CS500's over a 10G PTP. I have both CS500's at one site to initially set up, and I wanted to add the second one to the same group for ease of management, but not combine (scale out). Is this possible, or will it automatically scale out when I add it to the group?


      Also, does anyone have a link for instructions on VLAN tagged replication? I could use the management ports, but that looks messy.

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          Nate Wright Wayfarer



          You can certainly group arrays together for managment purposes.  You DO NOT have to merge the storage pools, however (striping of volumes across multiple arrays). 

          That being said, you cannot perform intra-group replication with Nimble Storage arrays today.  If you would like to replicate, both arrays need to be in separate groups. 


          Information on tagging data subnets can be found in the administration guide under the resources area in Infosight for your appropriate NOS version.