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Qlogic 57810 iSCSI problems

Question asked by Craig Moore on May 16, 2016
Latest reply on May 19, 2016 by Christopher Aylott

Hi All,


We're having some problems connecting to a Nimble storage system using a Qlogic 57810 10Gb iSCSI card.

Interested to see if anyone else has experienced the same problems.


Presentation of LUNs is very random with not all appearing on all hosts even though all hosts and adapters are in the same initiator group.

Firmware on the Qlogic cards is currently running version 7.12.0

Current version of Nimble OS is 2.2.8-252438-opt


Also removing host adapters from initiator groups doesn't seem all that dynamic with hosts still able to access LUNs until rebooted.

I'd like to use the iSCSI offload features of the card rather than use a software initiator...


Anyone else had a similar issue?






Just an addendum to this.... the problem turned out to be a duplicate IP address on the iSCSI network and the MTU not being set to 9000 throughout.

All fine now,