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VMware 5.5/6 and Nimble CS500 - Best setup for performance

Question asked by Allan Rosenstand Larsen on Apr 29, 2016
Latest reply on May 12, 2016 by Dan Bauder

Hi all


I'm looking for some advice and best practis in how to setup an Nimble CS500, when running VMware 5.5 / 6.


We are having 4 hosts, running 5.5 with in total of 144 VMs.

At the moment they are running on an EMC VNX SAN, but are planned to be migrated to  the Nimble SAN.


But what are the best performance setup I can do, on the Nimble, to make sure anything will be running at it best?


My predecessor have setup the Nimble with 4 volumens, at 10TB each, and as far as I can see, Thin provisioned.


These 4 volumes are then added in VMware.


But are this the best way of having volumens in Nimble? Or will it be better to make some smaller volumens, and then migrate to these?

Here I'm thinking of both Nimble best practis, but also VMware.

In avagede I will need to have 36 VM on each Volume, and knows about an 16 VM threshold in VMware.


Next part is the VM - What kind of disk layout will be best to run here?


Hoping someone can help answer some of these questions.


Thanks and have an great weekend