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CS215 effective space and de-dupe

Question asked by Robert Vilhelmsen on Apr 29, 2016
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I´m looking at the cs215 device to replace my Dell nx3200 server which has a total of 5.7Tb data on a GPTS volume.

Most of my data is jpeg/png/raw/avi/ai files which does not compress very well, if at all. Approx. 4Tb data are of this type, so very little data left for compression.


And as I understand, cs215 do not include de-dupe feature.


When i was using Windows 2012 de-dupe feature, I got a de-dupe rate of 50-70% which was very good, but due to the fact Windows cannot index it own de-dupe files, I had to disable de-dupe.


My question is:

1. if i cannot compress most of my data already then half or more avaible space will already be used on the cs215. And my data expansion rate the last 3 years has gone from 700Gb to 4.5Tb. Is there any plan to have de-dupe on the smaller CS series?