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Volume Collections Not Synchronized

Question asked by Dan Bauder on Apr 22, 2016
Latest reply on May 12, 2016 by Jason Monger

I have a vSphere 6 / SRM 6 environment with a CS700 in a cross site SRM protected environment.  I performed a SRM failover of one of my recovery plans.  It worked as expected with the VMs restarting on the recovery site.  The issue is this failover was of one volume collection.  All of my other volume collections (both on the protected site and the recovery site) are showing as not synchronized.  I would expect this from the volume collection that was failed over.  Why are the others no longer synchronized?  Has anyone else experienced this issue and what did you do to correct it?





After further testing this is not a VMware SRM related issue.  This is purely a Nimble Volume Collection issue.  Should you have a single volume collection that does not synchronize for what ever reason all of the other volume collections on that array show a status of Not Synchronized.  While that status is accurate for one it is most certainly not accurate for the remaining volume collections.  Nimble please fix this.


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