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Clone volume through vcenter API

Question asked by Nicholas Alston on Apr 21, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2016 by Nicholas Alston

I was wondering if it's possible to call Nimble vCenter Plugin processes directly, either through PowerCLI, the Restful API, or some other method. The vCenter plugin allows a very easy method to clone a datastore, without the manual process of reconfiguring the cloned volume for usage in vCenter. Please see the following page, to see what I'm referring to:


Nimble Storage InfoSight


There is no mention of how to do this without using the GUI. Essentially, i would like to incorporate this functionality in an automation process i'm working on, using vRealize Orchestrator and vRealize Automation. If it's feasible to make these kinds of calls, i would like to build a set of Orchestrator workflows for Nimble related functionality.