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Microsoft VSS vs. Vcenter Syncronization

Question asked by Adrian Popescu on Mar 22, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2016 by Adrian Popescu

Hi Guys,

I have a question about volume collection Synchronization and please excuse my rookie-ness on this matter.

We do not use Volumes attached directly to bare-metal hosts, only Vmware attached volumes/Luns. I know that I can perform the vcenter synchronization;But If I create a Volume collection and select Microsoft VSS, it prompts me for the IP address and the Application; Then I have to select the Volume that I will associate it with; So I select it; the question is: will this operation work, given that My SQL database resides in a .vmdk on a vmware attached LUN? Also can you create Vcenter Sync and MS VSS Sync policies on the same volume?