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    CS420 Lifecycle

    Jason Benway Adventurer

      I was wondering if nimble has a life cycle document for the CS420 so I know how much longer it is expected to be support and when the EOS/EOL will be for this model.



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          Nick Dyer Pioneer

          Hi Jason,


          if you head to Infosight->Documentation you'll find a section called Support Policies link. In there you should find the End of Availability notice of the CS200/CS400, as well as our overall Support Policy for hardware and software.


          To summarise both documents, the policy is that we will allow customers to purchase another FIVE years of support from the day a system is made End of Availability, The CS220/240/260/420/440/460 was made End of Availability on Dec 11th 2014, so that means we will support them for hardware break/fix but also current and new software features, up to Dec 11th 2019.


          Hope that answers your question?

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            julez Adventurer

            Just an FYI Jason, we just completed an upgrade from a CS260G to a CS500 in case you ever plan on extending that life cycle and picking up some of the new features like being able to add more than 3 shelves.

            It requires an outage, but we had no problems doing the upgrade. The controller swap went flawlessly.

            We're doing our secondary site this weekend.