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Restore a specific VMDK from snapshot on single Nimble VMFS volume with multiple VMs

Question asked by Dennis Topo Jr on Mar 27, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2016 by Dennis Topo Jr

Hello all....


reaching to the community to find the best way to utilize Nimble snapshots for restoring VMDKs of specific VMs. My situations is this...I have a single Nimble volume where 8 or so VMware VMs live. If I encounter the need to bring one of those VMs back to it's snapshot state, and leave the others as is...what's the best way to go about that?


Is it suggested to have a volume per VM?? That seems like too much over head and wasted storage...although convenient for this purpose.


I also read about utilities such as UFS Explorer that can connect to and mount a VMFS volume (read only) from a windows box. I suppose I could go that route. Clone the snap shot of my VMFS volume...mount it with said utility from a windows box...then copy the VMDK out - shut down the affected VM- and shuffle over the copied VMDK, uploading it to the production VMFS data store w Vcenter client.... and start my VM. Clunky but would work.....right? Any "gotyas" to this process?


Anyway...appreciate any input...or suggested reasonably priced 3rd party utilities that would make this process easier..


Thanks in advance everybody...Dennis