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[Rest API] - Enable Protection Group Sync

Question asked by Matt Payne on Mar 18, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2016 by Casey Crawford

During some recent testing I was getting fed up of Veeam crashing into nimble synchronised snapshots. My solution to this would have been to add a pre & post script to the Veeam job to suspend synchronisation upon job start and re-enable at job end...


According to the API documentation you call





$data = @{

                    app_sync = "vmware"

                    vcenter_hostname = "xxx"

                    vcenter_username = "xxx\xxx"

                    vcenter_password = "xxxv"                   



$body = convertto-json (@{ data = $data })

$result=Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $apiurl -Method PUT -Header $header -Body $body


However I'm getting a 400 error...


My request to suspend works fine - the only difference being:

$data = @{

                    app_sync = "none"                 



Can anyone confirm if this is allowed through the API?? We're running firmware on a CS300