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Sample Python class for working with the Nimble Storage REST API

Discussion created by Casey Crawford on Mar 16, 2016
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GitHub - caseycrawford/nimblestorage_python: Nimble Storage Python examples using API


At Capella University we recently introduced 6 individual CS700s (no grouping) connected by fiber channel. We use a much more robust Python class like this in our automated processes alongside UCS SDK and Custom Fabric MDS wrapper. This is a stripped down version I have been re-writing in my spare time to give other people a basic framework to start automating their Nimble Storage environments. You will find bugs! I will try to add and fix what I can, but would appreciate any contributions/fixes/logging.

The more people that rely and make operational demands of the Nimble Storage REST API, the more resources they will apply to the API development team(s).


Current Nimble RFE(s)

"Update initiator alias with API." - Allow Initiator's aliases to be renamed through the API (there is a workaround in the GUI). This would only be an issue for you if you are constantly recycling WWPNs (Cisco UCS blades).

"ALL/DETAIL endpoint for snapshots" - Get limited amounts of information about every snapshot on the array (instead of having to loop through every volume and running a query for each volume)


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