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MSCS Failover when Nimble Controler is switching

Question asked by dominic.david on Mar 9, 2016
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I have setup a two node Windows 2008 R2 Cluster in vSphere 5.5 Update 3. The settings are taken form the VMware "Setup for Failover Clustering and Microsoft Cluster Service" dokumentation.

The Disk are VMDK-Files on the same vSphere Server.


Everytime the Nimble controllers are switching (install a Nimble Update) I get a MSCS Failover. The Cluster is loosing the connection to the cluster disk.



Nimble CS300

Nimble OS Version:

NCM for vSphere: 2.3.1


Is there a special setting to use a MSCS with Nimble and vSphere to prevent the failover?