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Is deduplication coming to Adaptive Flash?

Question asked by Gary Martin on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by mkieran

With the release of Nimble All Flash, including deduplication and the statement regarding Nimble OS being the same across both Adaptive and All Flash arrays.  Does this mean deduplication is coming to Adaptive Flash?


It would probably mean shifting data around in order to get it on a pass through inline, but it really would fill that small hole when comparing Nimble with other solutions.  Don't get me wrong here, compression and thin provisioning have given us significant savings in our environment, but it's always nice to get 'more' efficiency.




"Data Reduction – Nimble has implemented inline variable-block deduplication, compression, zero-block elimination, thin provisioning and zero-block cloning that achieve similar data reduction to Pure and higher data reduction compared to XtremIO."


"And because Nimble All Flash arrays and Adaptive Flash arrays run the same version of NimbleOS, we can now provide flash for every enterprise application in the data center – without compromise."