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vCenter showing Nimble IP as source for Active Directory user account lockout

Question asked by Rob Russell on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2016 by mblumberg

Our previous Network Admin setup most of our vCenter and Nimble configs and he used his AD account somewhere.  We are setup with Windows Servers.


In Active Directory, the workstation causing the lockout is our vCenter Server.  When I log into the vSphere Web Client as admin, it shows the account lockout and gives me the IP address, which is one of our Nimble arrays.


I've gone through all of the Volume Collections and everything I can find and it is all setup with a service account.


When we unlock the account, it will get locked again.  The logs on the vSphere Web Client show an attempt every hour, 3 times, 10 minutes apart, but no other information is given.


In VMWare, it shows the SSO Identity Manager, but not much other information.


Any ideas?