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    Cache Churn - infosight charts

    jayst Newbie

      I'm really trying to understand the Cache Churn charts.

      i'm looking at a chart which has been split by volume. The volume with the highest cache churn has 50% cache churn for small IO during business hours. The same volume has 71% cache churn for large IO during business hours. How should i interpret those charts?


      The resource utilization chart confuses me a little as well, it shows 5% cache usage, but 5% of what actually? 

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          Chris Aylott Adventurer

          Firstly the volume with high large and small IO means that it is your busiest volume and responsible for most of the blocks in cache - it's probably a catch all data-store used by a host of machines, consider splitting up up the machines into separate volumes to give you a clearer idea of which volumes (VM's) are hitting your cache the hardest.


          Cache utilization basically refers to "The amount of cache required/The amount of cache installed" - if you are at 5% it means you are using 5% of the total cache - i.e. you have a long way to go to utilizing your full 100% cache and have to consider buying more.