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Nimble Connection Manager in Windows

Question asked by Chris Lindloff on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by Chris Lindloff

I am setting up my first Windows host (VM) Windows 2012 R2.  It will be a SQL server and I will use the MS guest iSCSI software to connect to the volumes.  I have...


  • Got all updates/hotfixes installed.
  • MPIO installed.
  • Nimble Windows Integration Kit installed and rebooted.
  • Provisioned a few volumes for this host.


At this point do I need to use the Microsoft iSCSI software or just use the Nimble Connection Manager?  (I see my provisioned volumes in the NCM).  The NCM looks much easier to manage and if I dont have use the MS iSCSI software I won't.