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    ESX 5.5 and NCM

    Jason Benway Adventurer

      I have 12 ESX host connected to a single nimble head with an additional drive self. I've been running this config for awhile, before NCM was around.


      I noticed that now the nimble vcenter plugin alerts me that I'm not using the NCM. Should I be? should I go and install it on my existing host?


      If so what should I look out for since the host is already connected to the nimble storage head.  I'm running


      I think we do have the NCM installed on a windows box on our Dev nimble box, I'll have to check



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          Yes you should install NCM on the ESXi host. You need to have automatic mode enable on the array for it to function correctly. Once installed, it will monitor paths, connections, and changes to your nimble and make changes for you if links are added or removed.  If you already have NCM on windows, then automatic mode should be enabled.


          It a simple process of placing server in maintenance mode and running the esxcli install command. then taking it out of maintenance mode.