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size last snapshot

Question asked by Bonno Bloksma on Feb 17, 2016
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Trying to understand something. I have snapshots on most of my datastores and keep them for a few days/weeks depending on the datastore.

I was looking at a few datastores where I want to clean up some room by keeping less snapshots and I noticed the last snapshot ia allways a lot bigger than any other snaphsot.

Sometimes even by an order of magnitude. On one 2TB datastore the last snapshot is 1.5TB.  The normal daily snapshots are anywhere from 80-300GB.

I have similar numbers on another datastore where the daily snapshot is 50-100 GB but the last snapshot is 500GB.


There must be a logic to this but I cannot find it. Maybe there was a discussion about it before but I cannot find it either.

can someone explain this please?


Bonno Bloksma