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vmware in guest iSCSI

Question asked by Chris Lindloff on Feb 16, 2016
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My VMware hosts have 4 - 10gig NIC's, plugged into two different switches.  Two of them are in a LACP/VPC (Nexus) Team and the ports on the switch are trunk ports so I can tag my vmguest networks.  This team is used for Host/Guest LAN traffic.  The other 2 - 10gig NIC's are for iSCSI on a separate VLAN, Flow control on, no teaming, separate vSwitches per Nimble best practice.  Please see attached image.  All of that works great, no issues.


If I wanted to do in VM/Guest iSCSI could I add Virtual Machine Port Group on the iSCSI vSwitches?  Call them "Guest iSCSI_1 and _2".


Is that supported, good, bad.....ugly???  Or should I add more NIC's to the hosts and use those for iSCSI?  The hosts have some 1gig ports not in use but I would have to add a 1gig switch layer to the iSCSI VLAN and cable it all up.  Something I would like to avoid if I could.


Thanks for any help!


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