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Cisco UCS Management Interface configuration (1 or 2?)

Question asked by Alex Goltz on Feb 15, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2016 by Stephen Gonzalez

I'm about to go live with my Cisco UCS blades, and I'm looking for some community feedback on a configuration question.

Part of this challenge, is that I haven't seen UCS Fabric Interconnects fail-over yet to see what impacts there are.  And I also don't know what the best practice is, since UCS architectures have been a so-called "game changer".
Nimble's documentation in KB-000202 has shown them using 1 Management interface in failover mode.
HOWEVER, this article (which has been extremely helpful), shows 2 management interfaces, each on a fabric, in failover mode.

What are users protecting themselves against, having two management interfaces in failover mode?
(I do plan on having my vMotion traffic on the management interface(s).)