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Vmware Change Block Tracking (CBT) and nimble snapshots

Question asked by JT Moree on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2016 by Jonathan Zygmunt

Does anyone have experience with restores of virtual machines from nimble snapshots where the machines are using Change Block Tracking (CBT)?  My concern is that the CBT/ctk files will cause issues when trying to add to inventory and turn on the restored copy.


I have tried to use Vmware Data Protection a few times but it makes such a mess that I keep giving up on it.  In addition to quiesce and vmware snaps it also uses CBT.  All of those items are then snapped by the nimble (if they work).   I find that it will get stuck and leave vm snapshots hanging around.   I then have to manually cleanup tons of vmware snaps after every run.


Any other experiences people have with CBT and concurrent snap technologies could be useful in my own setup. 


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