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    Total Connections Seem lower than they have been previously when adding new volume with NCM

    Adam Bond Wayfarer

      I have a physical box that is directly connected to the iSCSI network.  It has 2 iSCSI NICs.  My Nimble has 5 iSCSI +1 Management.


      Inside NCM when I connect a new volume, it only connects 8.  It seems like there is one on the array side that isn't happy, but I don't have any alerts or other indications to a problem.


      My VMware hosts connect and show 10 connections (Each ESXi host has 2 iSCSI connections back to the iSCSI network)


      I have another physical box that has 4 iSCSI NICs.  The volumes that have been connected for a long time show 20 connections, but the newest one I just added shows 10.


      Switch gear is 2 Dell 6024 (not stacked).  4 port port-channel between the 2.  All interfaces in the port-channel are up on both switches so I don't suspect issues there.


      Where can I investigate this further?  Any ideas?