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Total Connections Seem lower than they have been previously when adding new volume with NCM

Question asked by Adam Bond on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2016 by Adam Bond

I have a physical box that is directly connected to the iSCSI network.  It has 2 iSCSI NICs.  My Nimble has 5 iSCSI +1 Management.


Inside NCM when I connect a new volume, it only connects 8.  It seems like there is one on the array side that isn't happy, but I don't have any alerts or other indications to a problem.


My VMware hosts connect and show 10 connections (Each ESXi host has 2 iSCSI connections back to the iSCSI network)


I have another physical box that has 4 iSCSI NICs.  The volumes that have been connected for a long time show 20 connections, but the newest one I just added shows 10.


Switch gear is 2 Dell 6024 (not stacked).  4 port port-channel between the 2.  All interfaces in the port-channel are up on both switches so I don't suspect issues there.


Where can I investigate this further?  Any ideas?