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    What's Changed In Infosight Today ?

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      As you will all know, Infosight is one of the major pillars of everything we do at Nimble.  The value it gives to customers, resellers, service providers and Nimble is enormous, and enables us all to have storage systems that are one step ahead of the environments that live on them.  As part of its continuous development, the Infosight team are constantly updating the interface, adding tweaks and extra features to make it even better.


      So, with this in mind, we want to expand our fun game of "Whats Changed In Infosight This Week" out to the Connect community to see if you can spot what changes the SE teams in the UK, and all over the world, have seen.  We won't be giving out t-shirts, pens or CS300s as prizes, but even more valuable than that you can score POINTS on here !!


      To start I will give you a head start...




      The ability to schedule a maintenance window for your storage system so that you can suppress the support messages generated for maintenance only events.  Help to keep your mailbox clear when you know you are carrying out a change and don't need you or support to be alerted about it !!


      So there we go, its as easy as that.  Just post a screen grab of the update you have found and share it with the world.