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    Can I use 1GBE connection for my switch connection to Nimble

    Ikay Adewale Newbie
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      I'm in the final process of purchasing a Nimble storage CS235. I plan to use a Cisco Catalyst 3850 24 Port Data IP Base switch (WS-C3850-24T-S). The switch is coming with 1GBE ports. I'll be connecting three servers to the storage and the plan is for the three host servers to run 5 virtual machines each including two sql servers. ISCSI connection will be used. My concern is about the 1GBE connection. Will there be performance issues? I currently do not have the budget for a switch that will provide 10GBE ports. Should I just suspend my purchase of Nimble and go for HP or Dell direct attached solutions?

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          Nick Dyer Pioneer

          Hello sir,


          I wouldn't worry about 10Gb for your environment; i'd be very surprised if it pushed >200MB/sec throughput when running in a steady state. Also remember that the array will have 6x 1Gb ports available, and it's possible to run VLANs on the ports - essentially sharing 6x 1Gb ports for both iSCSI data and management.


          Other people may choose to comment on their setups, but for a 3 host / 15 VM environment, 1Gb connectivity is absolutely fine.