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How to enable SMI-S on existing volumes for SCVMM

Question asked by Steve Wysocki on Dec 14, 2015
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Hello all, I have followed the instructions on Julian Cates's blog post regarding enabling SMI-S on new volumes Managing Nimble Storage Arrays with Microsoft SCVMM and SMI-S, but I cannot discover how to do this after all of my volumes have been created.  SCVMM can just see the newly created volumes that have been tagged as smis type. 


In Julian's blog post he explains the following:


All new volumes which SCVMM creates on the Nimble array will have this attribute. If you have existing volumes that you’d like to manage with SCVMM, you can modify the agent_type attribute for those volumes so that they can be discovered by SCVMM

Please help.





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