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    Disk failure procedure

    Marc Andrieux Newbie

      Do I need to call support if a disk fails or is it automated ?

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          It is automated.  You will receive the new drive and will then return the one that failed.

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            Nick Dyer Navigator

            We automate and alert through various methods within the array:


            • Autosupport - typically within a few hours.
            • Email - typically within minutes.


            Therefore it's recommended to have autosupport AND email alerts correctly configured within the array UI for the optimal support automation experience.


            Once we have received notification and automation that we need to replace a drive, one of two things will happen:


            1. If we have an end-user approved parts delivery address on file - auto ship parts within SLA of 4 hours or Next Business Day.
            2. If we DO NOT have an end-user approved parts delivery address - Support engineer contacts end user for correct shipping address for parts. Parts will only be sent out once response from end-user is received.


            Therefore, it's important to have an up to date and approved parts delivery address for your systems within Infosight. Everyone will receive a notification to approve (or re-approve) the correct address for each system every 6 months within Infosight.