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Snapshot usage without snapshots

Question asked by Vlad Valeriu Velciu on Dec 12, 2015
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We have a new CS300 on our premises with the latest FW (2.3.9) and we stumbled upon something that we cannot explain.


After migrating one VM on a datastore backed by the mentioned Nimble, we saw that the space occupied reported by the appliance was about 300GB more than what the guest reported. This is normal as the volume was filled in the past and then, afte some file deletion we recovered the space. To reclaim the space on the Nimble volume we ran a script named NimbleFastrReclaim found also on this forum that basically writes 0s until full. No, Nimble is reporting the correct size but the reclaimed space was moved to Snapshot space.


This is what is what we do not understand. Although the volume has no snapshots there is this space occupied.


Can someone help me understand what is really happening?


Screenshot (23).png

Screenshot (24).png